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Arlo Uriarte is the managing attorney of Liberation Law Group, P.C., in San Francisco, California. Mr. Uriarte practices in the area of employment law, representing employees in matters involving discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour violations and wrongful termination. He serves clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, in cities including Napa, Oakland, San Jose and Santa Rosa.

Mr. Uriarte provides high-quality service to each of his clients, including immigrant and Spanish speaking workers. He is dedicated to ensuring justice is achieved, particularly in cases involving discrimination and sexual harassment.

Passionate about standing up for the rights of his clients. Mr. Uriarte has successfully litigated, negotiated and settled numerous cases on behalf of California workers over the course of his decade and a half as a practicing attorney. ​

In addition to employment law, Mr. Uriarte has experience in personal injury law. Prior to becoming an attorney, he worked as a legal assistant for personal injury law firms. This role allowed him to develop knowledge of the necessary strategies and techniques to successfully resolve and settle claims with insurance companies. As a personal injury attorney, he has obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.

Mr. Uriarte earned his law degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law. He obtained his license to practice law in 2004, which made him eligible to appear and practice before all California state courts. In addition to managing his law practice, he is a former adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco’s Employment Law Clinic from 2009 to 2018.

Liberation Law Group has extensive experience in fighting for employment rights, either through private and confidential negotiations, or through litigation and trial. We have successfully fought technology companies and government entities, both large and small. And while we never back down from a fight, we also regularly help our clients achieve their goals through less vocal means with increased collaboration where appropriate.

We also have experience guiding employees through work matters such as taking pregnancy or medical breaks, requesting reasonable accommodations, or negotiating employment and severance agreements.

Established in 2007, Liberation Law Group, P.C. opened its doors in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. Liberation Law Group was formed to assist employees, workers and victims of personal injuries in the Bay Area. We are a group of lawyers and legal assistants ready to help. We pride ourselves in helping Bay Area residents get their legal issues heard and fought. Working to improve our justice system. To provide access to those whose voice must be represented and heard.

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life, whether immigrants, migrant workers, blue-collar laborers, tech workers, or white-collar professionals. Our clients all have something in common: they have been wronged. We work diligently to help our clients see justice in their lives by helping to right wrongs they have suffered.

We understand that every human being has a voice, and we make it our goal to listen and strengthen that voice so it will be heard. At Liberation Law Group, P.C. you can expect to receive the full attention your case deserves.

We take pride in building a unique relationship with each of our clients.