We advise international and national enterprises on all collective bargaining and individual contractual issues of employment law. The extensive experience and pragmatic approach of our experts guarantee successful restructurings, transactions and reorganisations. We have particular competence in the judicial and extrajudicial resolution of employment disputes.

Our range of advice in the field of employment law includes:

  • Restructurings and reorganisation
  • Codetermination structures at a group, company and works level (European works council, SE works council)
  • Employment-law related advice during company transactions and (crossborder) reorganisations
  • Collective bargaining negotiations and industrial disputes
  • Company pensions
  • Compliance
  • Compensation & benefits
  • Law on the provision of temporary workers
  • Company health management
  • Employee data protection, internet and social media
  • Contract structuring
  • Litigation

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Sources praise the team’s all-round strength, mentioning its “very deep knowledge of all relevant topics, flexibility, speed and good cross-border capabilities.” Another client believes the employment offering to be a “very experienced team.”

Client Comments, 2017