Kaiser Saurborn & Mair, P.C. is a premier boutique law firm that focuses its practice on providing high-quality counsel and representation to individual and business clients. The Fim represents clients in litigation, arbitrations and other disputes, with a particular focus on cases involving employment law, partnership and other business-ownership disputes, fraud and whistleblower litigation, real estate litigation and other complex and high-stakes commercial and personal injury litigation. The Firm is headquartered in Manhattan with an additional office in New Jersey.

KS&M is widely recognized for providing high-quality counsel and representation to executives, professionals, managers and other employees in all areas of employment and partnership law and litigation.  Clients include:

  • Executives and managers at private and public companies.
  • Lawyers, physicians, accountants, architects and academics at some of the most prominent professional firms, academic institutions and hospitals.
  • Senior investment banking and capital markets executives and professionals, hedge fund and private equity executives and other Wall Street professionals at leading domestic and global banks, investment banks, funds and other financial institutions.

The Firm regularly represent clients in cases involving the enforcement of employment contracts, including severance claims, bonus claims and litigation relating to non-compete and non-solicitation restrictions and other restrictive covenants. The Firm also represents executives, professionals and employees in cases involving sex discrimination, sexual harassment, race discrimination, national origin discrimination, age discrimination, religious discrimination, disability discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination and whistleblower retaliation.

KS&M also regularly advise and represent executives, professionals and other employees in negotiating employment and severance agreements.



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“Founded in 1997, Kaiser Saurborn & Mair, P.C. is widely recognized for the quality of its representation and its use of uncompromising and rigorous advocacy and dynamic legal strategies to achieve its clients’ goals.”