Andrews Kurth has a nationwide labor and employment practice, which focuses on developing strategies and practices to minimize employee disputes and maximize legal options and successful results in the disputes that cannot be avoided.

The Firm’s approach is to identify, educate clients about, and address legal issues on the front end with a view toward helping clients limit expensive and protracted litigation on the back end.

Andrews Kurth work with clients to help them develop and utilize the best human resource-related policies and practices to enable them to successfully operate their businesses. The Firm strives to learn and understand their clients’ business operations and requirements so that they can help them navigate the complex set of labor and employment obligations and regulations applicable to their businesses.

The team understands that most labor and employment issues cannot be solved in a vacuum, and therefore the labor and employment attorneys work with the other practice disciplines at Andrews Kurth to make sure that they are offering the most effective and comprehensive service possible.

Andrews Kurth recognize that the cost of legal services can play a significant role in clients’ decisions on selecting outside legal counsel and in evaluating legal strategy and options. Therefore, with a specific eye towards maximizing incentives to achieve successful results, the firm offers a broad range of billing options, including alternative fee arrangements and fixed budgets, all of which are designed to keep the firm’s interests aligned with those of the clients and to provide a high degree of cost certainty and predictability. In addition, Andrews Kurth offers capped monthly fees for general human resources and employment law counseling services.



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“Marc Katz of Andrews Kurth Kenyon LLP chairs the labor and employment group and handles a variety of matters, including noncompetition agreements, wage and hour class actions and collective bargaining negotiations. Clients state that he is “incredibly straightforward, a straight shooter” and a “brilliant litigator.””
Chambers & Partners, 2017